Retail Therapy

I love those two words used together.  It’s Thesaurus Day, so in honor of synonyms, I introduce a two-word phrase that means the same as… SHOPPING!

What better way is there to relax?  To relieve the stress of everyday life?  Not exactly the spending money part, but the mindless wandering through your favorite store, taking it all in.  The shoe store, for example: the smell of leather,  the sound of music in the background, sometimes announcements over the PA and the beep of the register scanners, the brand-newness of everything around you, and the many, many textures- shiny patent leather, soft suede and sumptuous leather; canvas sneakers, cork wedge heels, and the list goes on and on and on.

Tonight on my way home from work, I stopped at one of my favorite home decorating stores.  Entering the store, my nose was flooded with the potpourri smells of eucalyptus and exotic candles.  Displays of table settings on brand-new furniture adorned the sales floor, and seating areas boasting pillows of every fabric imaginable transported my brain to a place of absolute euphoria.  When I shop, I check my troubles at the door and it’s just me and my imagination, wandering amongst the many possibilities that await me.  Rarely am I tempted to actually make a purchase (but we still live in a very small house that’s already jam-packed with stuff that needs a home.  Perhaps my outlook will change when we move to a larger house.)

Tonight, I am relaxed.  A typical Tuesday night finds me high-strung and stressed with the mile-long to-do list that’s constantly running through my brain: schedule an appointment with the hairdresser, the dentist, and the optometrist; call the vet’s office to get that signature I need for Clohe; laundry, dinner, dishes, make sure the house is presentable; coordinate schedules with friends for parties, dinners, and get-togethers.  But tonight, I got home from 30 minutes of aimless wandering, put dinner together, and accomplished absolutely nothing else.

Retail therapy.  I swear, it’s cheaper than psychotherapy.

2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. territerri says:

    You know… I’ve been feeling very stressed and claustrophobic lately. It’s the mid-winter blahs. But some retail therapy would do me wonders! I could almost smell the new shoe smell as you described wandering through the shoe store. Must shop soon!

    • daniellemerrow says:

      This time of year, the white stuff seems to close in on us; I always dread January because the magic of December is past and everything seems so ordinary. Shopping seems to help, at least for awhile. Cheer up, and thanks for stopping by!

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