Sunday Drive

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend was with my grandparents.  Spending the night at Granny and Pappy’s house was such a treat; spending time with grandparents always is.  Granny and I would bake cookies, cook for Pappy and the host of farm workers he always had at his right hand, go shopping, or just sit and talk.  Pappy would sometimes take me to the fields to check on the cows. We would go to the barn and get their food and then deliver it to the fields in five-gallon buckets on the back of his pickup truck.  As we spread the chop in the troughs, we would shout, “sook!” which they understood to mean “dinnertime.”

One of my Pappy’s favorite things to do was to go for a drive.  He loved to get in the car and drive and see things and take in the countryside around him.  My mom, coincidentally, is the same way, and so am I.  So when Ryan asked me to go with him on Sunday to practice for his next RC race, I was happy to get in the car with him and drive for over an hour just to take in the scenery on a gorgeous morning where the sun glittered off the freshly fallen snow like billions of diamonds.  And oh, how this girl loves diamonds.  Or other shiny objects that could be mistaken for diamonds.

A view of our back yard

We have been pretty busy lately; always on the go, with places to go and things to do.  Sunday morning wasn’t really different, and yet… it was.  Because for the first time in a long time, I paused to appreciate what exists outside of myself.  There’s so much to see, so much to take in, and scenes like this only exist for a short time.  Even here, where we have snow 42 weeks of the year (that may be an exaggeration, but it’s not much of one), these perfect days are rare; there are so few days when the sun graces the newly fallen snow and creates a scene so breathtaking, it’s sacrilegious to not notice.

Icicles from our roof

As if affirming my need to observe, on our way to the race track we were rewarded with another rare sight.  However, this one was not a natural wonder; it was a man-made one.  A long-lost man-made wonder.  At least to us.  Tell me: when is the last time you saw one of these?

A train- with a caboose!

I rarely travel without my camera in my purse, though I typically forget I have it with me.  This time, though, I must have had some foresight because I was ready to photograph this seldom-seen wonder without realizing it.  The fact that I had captured the photo didn’t even “click” (haha!  I haven’t made a pun in a long time; sorry!) until we were far past the train and Ryan had stopped the car in the middle of the road to help me get a decent shot.  Turns out, I think the first one was the best, but it’s always good to have backups.

Our Sunday drive was different from those Sunday drives with Granny and Pappy because we had a destination in mind; with my grandparents, we always went with nowhere particular to go.  But the feeling was so similar to when I was a child in the back seat, tuning out the grownups and taking the time to really notice what’s outside.  We all need more Sunday drives, don’t we?



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