Bridal Shower= New Sister!

Happy Monday, friends!  It’s been awhile since you heard from me on a Monday.  It might be awhile until you hear from me on a Monday again.

Yes, it’s late.  So by the time most of you read this, it’ll actually be Tuesday.  But it’s ok because I’m posting on Monday, and that’s what really matters.  Right?  Right.

Phew.  What a weekend!  This past weekend, we traveled home to Punxsutawney for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower.  We came home with an (almost) sixteen-year-old brother, who hasn’t had a vacation in about two years.  Well deserved, I’d say.

Lindsay’s shower was amazing.  Her sister and her mom did a fabulous job orchestrating the whole event, and everything turned out beautifully.  Ryan’s brother and his fiance are planning an August wedding, and Saturday was totally her day.  We had a blast congregating with family and friends to celebrate Lindsay’s upcoming nuptials that will “officially and legally” make her a part of the Merrow family.  Here is the story in pictures…


The food was amazing!  Lindsay’s mom and sister decided to make lunch a “salad bar,” complete with lettuce (duh), chicken and shrimp, and every other salad topping one could imagine.  It was a fantastic idea, allowing each guest to create her own meal.  Delicious, different, and extremely creative.  I love it!  They also provided a fruit tray, and a meat and cheese tray, with crackers, bean dip, chips, and a plethora of other foods I didn’t even have room to try.


Since the wedding is going to be a beach wedding, some of the decorations Lindsay’s mom and sister found included these paper fold-out lanterns and the tissue paper pouffy-balls.  I’m proud to say that I walked away from this assembly with barely a bruise from where I fell off the ladder after hanging them.  Perhaps that’s why the venue stipulates that nothing should be hung from the ceiling…?

Food table centerpieces

The centerpieces on the food table were these adorable vases filled with sand and seashells, then accented with orchids.  Loved them!

Guest table centerpieces

Meanwhile, the guest table centerpieces were a bit taller and slimmer, with some blue-and-natural foliage, reminiscent of beach grass.  We placed them on purple placemats (a wedding color) and spread out some saltwater taffy as a filler.  The favors were these adorable sand dollar- shaped cookies, which Ryan’s mom was responsible for:


And, of course, there was the cake:

What's a bridal shower without cake?

The cake was made by a hometown bakery, and it really hit my sweet tooth.  My sweet-phobic hubby even swiped a couple of bites from this cake!

After lunch, cake, and a couple of games, Lindsay was able to hit the gift table:

She later told me that there were very few items she had registered for that she didn’t receive.  All in all, I think Ryan’s brother Kevin and his fiancée received nearly everything they really needed to make their new house a home.

Saturday evening, after the shower, Ryan and I were able to manage some long-overdue alone time with Kevin and Lindsay.  Of course, where else would we spend this time than the dirt track late model races?  The Merrow brothers were able to enjoy the races together, while Lindsay and I finally had the opportunity to chat and get to know one another a little better.

Sunday, we packed up the car and my youngest brother Cory (who will be sixteen in a few short months) and headed home.  I’m sure that means there’ll be plenty of stories to follow.  For now, all I can say is that I love having him here if for no other reason than that we had no leftovers tonight.  I grilled some salmon and (because Ryan doesn’t eat salmon) some T-bone steaks brushed with teriyaki sauce.  With that, I sliced some potatoes in half and turned them upside down in olive oil and herbs (Mom’s recipe); fresh green beans and corn on the cob; and some pasta in herbed cream sauce.  For dessert, the boys ate a bag of Sour Patch Kids and some popcorn, and Cory also had a slice of watermelon.  With no leftovers.





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