This Week’s Random Observations

So it appears that I’m finally returning to the swing of things after spending most of my summer in a semi-vegetative state on the couch, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy reruns and devouring the contents of our fridge.  Not saying I didn’t enjoy it, but I am fully aware that it’s just a slippery slope into absolute uselessness.  Fortunately for everyone involved, I’m recovering.  Slowly.

Anyway, now that I’m back to awareness, lots of things have caught my attention this week, none of which are actually interesting enough to warrant their own post.  So I present these items to you in list form.  For conversation’s sake.

1. If anyone ever kidnapped my dog, I would have no trouble finding her.  In the past three days, I have discovered that when she goes outside, she leaves a Hansel-and-Gretel-like trail to my most frequently visited spot in our yard (the clothesline).  And no, she doesn’t leave breadcrumbs.

2. I am loving Pioneer Woman‘s new show on Food Network. (Check out her macaroni and cheese, Penne alla Vodka, and sangria recipes!)  I’ve visited her blog numerous times, and I love her humor, her photos, and her attitude.  The more I watch her show, the more I love her.  I’m looking forward to trying some of her recipes soon.

3. The grocery on Game Day is ridiculous.  In a college town just off the interstate, on a Sunday night, it’s a place I try to avoid.  However, this past Sunday, Ryan had taken me out for a late lunch, and neither of us was really hungry till about 6:30PM.  We decided on Cheeseburger Soup, but I needed carrots and celery so I decided to run to the store before my game kicked off at 7:30.   I left the house at 6:45.  We live 2 miles from the store.  I found the 12 items I needed in about 7 minutes.  Then I waited 25 minutes in line.  I was not a happy girl.  Fortunately, I made it home and got the soup together before kickoff, which never happened till a little after 8.

4. Cleaning is therapeutic.  Very, very therapeutic.  I love spring cleaning; I love fall cleaning.  The fact that I have finished scrubbing, washing, vacuuming, and organizing before winter is sort of depressing.  On a positive note, now that I’m finished, I probably won’t walk like a grandma anymore.

5. Daytime TV kills me.  First of all is the programming:  courtroom dramas like Judge Judy and the People’s Court; talk shows like The View (mind you, these are not- I repeatnot shows I watch).  But just as funny (and by funny I mean strange- not amusing) as the shows themselves are the commercials that air during the day.  A diaper commercial will be followed by one advertising contraception; a low-cal frozen lunch commercial will be followed by a Mickey D’s commercial.  But the most peculiar one I’ve seen yet came on yesterday, for men’s hair color.  Specifically, hair color that hides some grey, but also leaves some exposed to increase a man’s sex appeal.  Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that seems like a bit of a double standard to me.  Grey is sexy and sought out my men, but women are encouraged to hide ours as it “ages” us?

That’s all I have for you friends.  Discuss.




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