Pandora’s Box

I wish I could bottle the days like we’ve had this past week.  Bottle them, and save them up for days that are cold and miserable, stuck between the freezing cold winter and the muddy thaw of spring.  Sort of like a Pandora’s Box, in reverse: rather than releasing evil, the beautiful weather would have a positive effect on the world.

I remember that a lot of my posts last year were about the snow, the cold, and the miserable weather.  I remember wishing for spring and summer, looking forward to warm and sunny days.  This winter has been so mild and life has been so busy that I barely had time to miss days like these before they returned.  However, it’s also been hard to miss the unusual warmth of the past several days.  In mid-March, flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and I have mosquito bites on my feet from being outdoors barefoot (an inconvenience I can’t even complain about since I’m so excited about it!)

Today, Ryan began his annual tradition of cleaning out the garage, while I assisted by photographing the event and steering the lawn tractor while he pushed me around on it since we’re currently out of gas.  Though I technically may not have offered as much help as I’d like to think I did, it was far too beautiful outside to do anything but pretend to help.  And, I was rewarded with a trip to the ice cream store afterward, so it was totally worth it!




I hope your Pandora’s Box is delivering wonderful things, and that you have the opportunity to enjoy it as much as we have been.







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