Lest it Get Me (spontaneity is the spice of life)

I didn’t wake up this morning thinking, “hm, maybe I’ll cut down a tree today.”

I actually don’t normally wake up thinking anything. Thinking doesn’t happen till the coffee kicks in.  

Anyway, our morning started out much like most other warm-weather days. Breakfast, twins nap, I shower, we go outside. I started pulling weeds yesterday, after taking last summer off to regain our equilibrium with two newborns in the house. It was a mess. And also, apparently, a suitable home for a snake, because we saw one slithering through the grass between the big flower bed and our house. I screamed, then called my husband. I hate snakes. (Lest they get me.)

And that was all it took. No more weed pulling yesterday. 

We started again today. I took the dog with us to scare off anything that might be hiding nearby, and sent my big kid with his plastic hoe to stand guard while I pulled weeds and the twins watched and mocked me from their stroller. 

There was a time when I thought I’d be bored as a stay-at-home mom. That I’d lose my “edge” and my ability to make spontaneously unintelligent decisions. Not so, my friends. Not so.  

As I was pulling weeds, big brother and my auntie took a field trip to the nearby nursery to shop for summer flowers for her house. The twins grew bored and tired of watching me; they went inside to nap. I worked my way around the flower bed, pulling weeds and watching for snakes, waiting for one to strike and swallow me whole. (Kidding. Sort of. Garter snakes can’t do that…right?) 

Anyway, I worked my way around, carefully watching and pulling, until I got to the area closest to where we saw the enemy yesterday. I called Clohe and made her sniff out the area. I kicked around, just to be sure. Then, I went to the garage for Ryan’s little hand saw. And I started cutting away branches of a big, ugly, out-of-control evergreen bush. Before I knew it, the whole thing was gone. 

And that, my friends, is when I decided that I’d cut down a tree today. 

Correction. According to my three-year-old, “mom. You didn’t cut down a tree. You cut down a bush.”

Touché, little man. 

I cut down a bush. 




2 thoughts on “Lest it Get Me (spontaneity is the spice of life)

    • daniellemerrow says:

      Ask my neighbors. 😉 I’m sure someone drove by enough times to have gotten at least some good photos of me manically sawing limbs off of a bush (and looking over my shoulder and between the branches the whole time in paranoia).

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