Thank God You’re Here

Quite a few years ago, there was a show on TV called Thank God You’re Here. It was an improvisational comedy show, where an actor entered a scene they knew nothing about and had to mesh with the other actors who already had details of what was supposed to be happening, resulting in one wholly hilarious skit.

I often think this must be how my husband- or, any parent coming home after a long day of work while the kids are at home waiting- must feel every day. The poor man never knows what he’s walking into: it could be calm, quiet, all three boys involved in an activity that has them focused and occupied- either together or separately- or… well, the alternative could be literally anything. They’ve attacked him at the door, one launching into his arms while the other two crash into his legs. They’ve met him at the door to pull him in three completely opposing directions to show him something relevant to their day. Today, the bigger twin met him at the door wearing his backpack with a balloon attached, announcing “Daddy, look, I’m a paramotor!” He’s been forced to break up fights, soothe injuries that occur as they race to meet him, and…on very rare occasions…sneaked in completely undetected in order to kiss ME hello first.

There are days he comes home to find neatness and order, dinner waiting on the table… but far more often he trips over discarded shoes, LEGO’s, and matchbox cars to get in the door, only to find the kitchen sink overflowing with dirty dishes, dinner ingredients covering every counter surface, the smell of something burning on the stove, and a dusting of flour on top of it all.

I don’t know what my husband’s work days look like. I have some idea, but I don’t know all of what his job involves. I do know it’s stressful, and his days are long and busy. I know that he’s the calm, common sense, counterpart to my chaotic, crazy, creative schemes. And I know that in the face of all of it, he comes home every day ready to blend into whatever skit these boys are putting on, while I stand back and say…

“Thank God You’re Here.”



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